CBC Interviews “Journalist” From Anti-Israel McGill Newspaper To Discuss Encampments, Who Uses Platform To Spread Anti-Israel Disinformation

On the May 2 edition of CBC Rundown, host Andrew Nichols interviewed Matthew Molinaro, the editor-in-chief of McGill University’s The Tribune, regarding the ongoing anti-Israel encampment on the university’s campus.

Molinaro ostensibly appeared on the broadcast in his capacity as an objective journalist, however, from the first moment of the interview it was clear that he was there to drive an agenda and a narrative, in essence acting as a spokesperson or at the very least, endorser of the encampments and was not there to provide impartial coverage of the situation.

Watch the full segment below:

Nichols began by asking Molinaro about the growing police presence, and immediately deflected with the suggestion that they are there to “protect the encampments.” This is in direct opposition to the stated aim by the Montreal police officer interviewed at the beginning of the segment, which makes it clear that law enforcement is worried about escalation and hate speech coming from the encampment, and officers are there to ensure that protests remain peaceful and within the bounds of the law.

When asked directly about expressions from some students about feelings of intimidation from the encampment, Molinaro immediately dismisses it, saying that it’s the Jewish students in the encampments who feel unsafe, adding that Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), an extremist fringe organization which has publicly endorsed Palestinian violence against Israelis,has a presence in the anti-Israel demonstrations. At one point, he made a particular point of saying that “Jewish faculty and students have formed a human chain protecting the encampments,” implying that the majority of Jewish students and faculty are in support of the anti-Israel protests, when in reality, surveys of Jewish Canadians has shown widespread connection to Israel and support of Zionism.

This is an important point when we consider the fact that Molinaro – uncontested by Nichols – stated that Jewish students on campus are vocally decrying the “conflation between Judaism and Zionism”. This is a continuous talking point used by anti-Israel activists – that they don’t hate Jews, just Zionism, the Jewish People’s national movement of self-determination in their historic homeland. But when the vast majority of the Jewish world sees Zionism as integral to, and inseparable from, Judaism, this position is hard to justify. A few non-representative voices are being clearly tokenized to justify ongoing antisemitism, and the CBC seems content to let this tokenism stand.

Finally, Molinaro repeatedly referred to the so-called “genocide” in Gaza, without any pushback from Nichols. This is incredibly irresponsible journalism, given that the claims of genocide have been repeatedly dismissed by all non-partisan international bodies, and that according to latest numbers, civilian deaths in Gaza are similar to or below what would be expected in an urban warfare environment. Indeed, accusations of genocide against Israel without any basis in fact are not only bad journalism, but a blatant anti-Jewish blood libel, adhering to the age-old tradition of antisemitism that blames Jews for murdering non-Jews around them.

In choosing to interview a fellow journalist, the CBC seemingly chooses an independent and non-partisan voice to report on the McGill encampments. However, it should have been immediately obvious to those producing the segment that Molinaro was not interested in maintaining his role as impartial observer, and instead irresponsibly presented a one-sided, blatantly false view of the situation, hardly surprising to anyone familiar with The Tribune’s long history of producing anti-Israel propaganda.


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