CBC Gives Platform To Unsubstantiated Claim That Large Numbers Of Journalists Have Been Killed In Gaza; Ignores How Dozens Were Terrorist Combatants

In a May 19 segment for CBC News entitled: “Navigating northern Gaza ‘dire,’ says Palestinian journalist,” CBC Anchor Ellen Mauro was guilty of half-truth reporting. She began by referencing how the Committee to Protect Journalists (CAP) claimed that “the war in Gaza has been the deadliest conflict for journalists and media workers since they began tracking the data in the 1990s. At least 105 have been killed.”

Critically, the Mauro neglected to mention that between a third and a half of these so-called journalists reportedly had affiliations with Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), both are banned terrorist organizations in Canada, making the figures from CAP misleading at best, and utterly meaningless at worst. Nor did she mention that Hamas has a core strategy of hiding behind civilian infrastructure, which has the deliberate effect of driving up civilian casualties in Gaza.

The problems continued with her interview with Mohammed R. Mhawish about the current Hamas-Israel war. Introducing him as “a journalist who’s covered the war for Al-Jazeera and The Nation,” the CBC’s host merely took his commentary on Gaza.

At no point did she mention his overt positions, including for example, that Mhawish’s Twitter account on October 7, 2023, following Hamas’ genocidal massacres in southern Israel, included his reposting of statements like, “Gaza just broke out of prison”, and, “Israel is not the victim.”

The comments Mhawish reposted are about Hamas terrorists’ coordinated invasion of Israel’s border cities, where they committed sickening brutalities, beheadings, murders, rapes, and burning 1200 innocent men, women, and children, and taking over 250 captives, 130 are still held by Hamas today. At no point did the CBC’s anchor see fit to mention why Israel is fighting Hamas in Gaza, nor that Hamas’s immediate surrender and release of all the hostages would undoubtedly stop the war in its tracks.

She also neglected to mention that Hamas, who have no interest in stopping the war, openly and unambiguously calls for the annihilation of Israel in its charter, a point their leaders have repeated in recent months.

Sweeping all these inconvenient details context aside, she offered Mhawish a platform to do what he does best: painting Israel as a wanton aggressor. He told viewers that “in the north of Gaza, it’s particularly becoming more dire. The Israeli forces are back on action almost everywhere in the northern regions of Gaza…but it’s becoming on other fronts more difficult for civilians and around 700,000 according to the UN and other organizations still residing in the north to cope and to navigate…”

There is, of course, tragic loss of life in Gaza thanks to Hamas’ cynical use of its own people as convenient human shields. Israel has been unwillingly forced into a war of self-defense against those who want to eliminate it. However, Israel has behaved with exemplary humanity, as John Spencer, chair of urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point, has pointed out, that “Israel has taken more measures to avoid needless civilian harm than virtually any other nation that’s fought an urban war.”

Israel has also allowed in huge amounts of humanitarian aid. Mhawish says, “we were constantly trying to navigate the daily struggles of providing enough food, enough clean water…”. Of course, neither he nor CBC Anchor Ellen Mauro informed their viewers that Hamas fighters regularly steal aid, and senior UNWRA staff also get in on the action, selling stolen aid for profit. Additionally, aid trucks often sit on the Palestinian side, waiting for distribution.

Instead of asking hard, pressing questions to Palestinian journalist Mohammed R. Mhawish, instead, CBC news anchor Ellen Mauro failed to point out that critics have exposed how dozens of among the dozens of so-called journalists who have been killed in Gaza, dozens were terror combatants affiliated with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, making them not civilians, but legitimate targets in war.


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