CBC Edits Headline To Tacitly Depict IDF Strike On UNRWA School As Killing Dozens Of Innocents, Chooses To Downplay Hamas’ Presence In Compound & War Crimes

June 11, 2024

On June 6, the Israeli military shared that it had struck a group of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists hiding inside a school operated by UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency in Gaza.

It did not take long for media outlets to immediately pounce on the story, framing it in the most predictable manner in an attempt to malign Israel.

Republishing an article from the Thomson Reuters news agency, CBC News first produced the headline: “Dozens killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza school, Hamas-run media office says.”

While this headline did not share the details of the target, at the very least, it told readers that Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, was the source of the update which casts doubt on the veracity of the claims therein. The sub-heading explained that the “Israeli military says the school contained a Hamas compound.”

Roughly an hour later, the headline was changed to “Israeli strike on Gaza school that military says was Hamas compound kills dozens.” The new sub-headline, however, only said that “Gaza media,” not Hamas, “said the strike killed at least 27 people seeking shelter.”

But the next headline was the most egregious.

Less than an hour after that headline was published, the next revision read “Israeli strike on Gaza school kills dozens,” with no context whatsoever. It was only in the sub-heading, in far smaller text, that said “Israel said the compound contained a Hamas command post,” but which still did not share that the target was not just a building, but Hamas fighters.

Israel says that “IAF fighter jets conducted a precise strike on a Hamas compound embedded inside the school in the area of Nuseirat. These terrorists belonged to the Nukhba Forces and participated in the Oct. 7 massacre. Before the strike, a number of steps were taken to reduce the risk of harming uninvolved civilians during the strike, including conducting aerial surveillance, and additional intelligence information.”

These are the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists the IDF says it eliminated in its precise strike on terrorists who were operating from the U.N. school:

The fact that Hamas terrorists were hiding inside an UNRWA school should come as no surprise to the Canadian public.

UNRWA, officially called The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees partially paid for by Canadian taxpayers, is a so-called humanitarian organization officially tasked with providing education, health care and other services to Palestinians, but in actuality has played an important role in perpetuating the war on Israel.

In February, it was revealed that Hamas had constructed an advanced communications centre directly underneath UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza. Although UNRWA denied knowledge that the tunnel existed, it would be virtually impossible to have the subterranean structure constructed without the express knowledge, if not approval, of the United Nations agency.

UNRWA’s ties to Hamas go far further than that; extensive evidence has connected the organization with Hamas terrorists, and UNRWA’s textbooks, used by Palestinian schoolchildren, are rife with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric, helping to poison an entire generation of Palestinians to seek violence, not coexistence, with Israel.

It is also entirely unsurprising that Hamas terrorists would seek civilian infrastructure to carry out their war on Israel. Hamas has long used its own people as human shields, deliberately operating from densely-populated urban areas in an attempt to maximize civilian casualties for public relations purposes.

Despite Hamas’ unabashed disregard for its own population, news media outlets have rarely acknowledged the terrorist group’s cynical ploy to gain sympathy, and instead have widely and uncritically repeated talking points from anti-Israel activists who have alleged – without evidence – that it is Israel which targets civilians, despite an abundance of evidence showing exactly the opposite.

The CBC News headline reporting on Israel’s strike on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists once again platformed Hamas propaganda, significantly downplaying factual details which fundamentally altered the nature of the story.


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