CBC Day 6 Radio Program Back With One-Sided Interview, Ignoring Hamas’ Theft Of International Aid

February 13, 2024

Day 6, a CBC radio program hosted by Brent Bambury, has been the subject of multiple HonestReporting Canada alerts in recent months, ranging from presenting misleading claims about damage in Gaza, featuring a guest comparing Israel to the Roman Empire’s oppression of Jews two thousand years ago, and another accusing Israel of turning Gaza into a “concentration camp,” and more.

On February 9, Bambury was back with another segment entitled: “In Rafah, a displaced Palestinian aid worker runs out of room to keep fleeing Israeli attacks,” where, over the course of 11 minutes, Bambury spoke with Yousef Hammash, a Palestinian aid worker with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), about his experiences living inside the Gaza Strip.

While there is no journalistic problem in reporting on the human interest side of war, this does not obviate the necessity to provide broader context for listeners, but in this segment, Bambury did not.

The Norwegian Refugee Council, in addition to being a vocal critic of Israel, has actively engaged in anti-Israel activism. More troublingly, as documented by NGO Monitor, there are multiple links between the organization and Palestinian terrorism, including the group having participated in a program hosted by an affiliate of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a banned terrorist organization in Canada.

However, at no time during the broadcast did Bambury ever divulge to listeners that the organization, at the very least, could be described as a vocal critic of Israel, which – had he done so – would have provided a more fitting context for the group.

The entirety of the discussion between Bamury and Hammash centred around the humanitarian conditions faced by the population in Rafah, a region in the southern Gaza Strip, thought to be a key Hamas stronghold in the coastal territory.

During the interview, Hammash told Bambury that “the situation in Rafah is unimaginable,” and that “we are on the verge of a famine.”

The suffering in Gaza is not imaginary; even before Hamas’ October 7 massacre in southern Israel, the region was suffering under extreme poverty, thanks to Hamas’ regime.

Yet at no time did Bambury mention, nor did he ask his guest to elaborate on, the circumstances surrounding international humanitarian aid being transferred to Gaza, often hundreds of trucks every day, a number that Israel has said could be far higher if Egypt and the United Nations (UN) coordinate to allow more.

Instead, Hammash said that the number of trucks in Rafah is insufficient, which has then “pushed people to start looting the aid, because it doesn’t cover the need.”

While it may also be true to a degree that Gazan civilians are stealing aid for themselves, it is also undeniable that Hamas, the jihadist terrorist group that continues to wage war with Israel, has stolen huge amounts of humanitarian aid meant for the people of Gaza, a fact that went unmentioned by both Bambury and Hammash.

Given Hamas’ brutality in suppressing dissent in Gaza, it is unclear whether Hammash’s decision to omit any mention of Hamas was for ideological reasons, or out of fear of reprisal, but the result is the same: a grossly distorted picture of events.

The suffering in Gaza is not inevitable, even in a time of war, but in choosing to provide a one-sided and ultimately false image of what is transpiring in Gaza, CBC’s Day 6 program hosted by Brent Bambury, failed to point the finger at Hamas, the biggest culprit causing needless and irreparable harm to countless civilians in Gaza, not only because it continues to perpetuate the war, but because it actively steals from the very people it claims to represent.

HonestReporting Canada has filed a complaint with CBC News as we are of the view that this interview violated our public broadcaster’s journalistic standards and practices. We encourage you to also send complaints to the CBC by sending emails to Brodie Fenlon, the CBC’s Editor-In-Chief at: Brodie.Fenlon@cbc.ca.


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