CBC As It Happens Radio Program Features “Humanitarian” Guests Who Falsely Accuse Israel Of Preventing Aid To Gaza

March 5, 2024

The March 1 broadcast of As It Happens, a CBC radio program, featured two separate guests discussing the state of humanitarian aid deliveries into the Gaza Strip, and in both cases, drew a highly misleading picture.

In the first interview, host Nil Köksal spoke with Jeremy Konyndyk, president of Refugees International, an American humanitarian organization based in Washington, DC.

Konyndyk told Köksal that “the Israeli government is blocking humanitarians from moving goods overland through the border” into the Gaza Strip, a comment which went unchallenged by his host.

However, the truth is significantly different. Since the beginning of the Hamas-instigated war in October, more than 14,000 trucks filled with humanitarian aid have entered Gaza, in addition to a growing number of air drops.

The amount of aid that is entering Gaza is also growing. On March 3, 277 trucks with humanitarian aid entered Gaza, the largest shipment in a single day since the start of the war. And even that may not be the peak; Israeli officials have repeatedly said there is “no limit” to the amount of aid that can enter Gaza.

But that’s far from the impression listeners of As It Happens would have been given; instead, they were told the exact opposite: that Israel is intentionally starving Gaza, when such a statement is demonstrably false.

In a second interview during the same broadcast, Köksal spoke with Rachel Cummings, from Save the Children, another humanitarian organization.

During the conversation, Cummings told her host that “there are restrictions on the number of trucks that are able to pass” into Gaza, but did not elaborate. While there are no limits to the numbers of trucks that can enter Gaza, given Hamas’ continued presence in the coastal territory, Israel ensures that deliveries are subject to inspection so that Hamas cannot smuggle deadly weapons under the guise of food and medicine.

Hamas terrorists have used civilian infrastructure for their efforts before, including hospitals and ambulances.

When asked by Köksal what advice she would provide the Israeli government to help ensure that more humanitarian aid is delivered into Gaza, Cummings sneered that “what I would say is, to stop bombing children.”

With Cummings’ charged and defamatory words accusing Israel of “bombing children,” when in reality, it targets Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations, she has turned her role as a purported humanitarian instead into a spokesperson for the anti-Israel cause.

What went unsaid by both guests and Köksal alike is the widespread theft of humanitarian aid by Hamas, which exacerbates the humanitarian problems within Gaza.

Video footage has shown armed gangs commandeering trucks filled with aid as they enter Gaza.

In recent weeks, As It Happens has interviewed a number of guests on the subject of the Hamas-Israel war, where the hosts gave unfettered opportunities for guests to make unfounded accusations against Israel, and where they faced little to no challenge for their statements.

The March 1 edition of As It Happens featured two separate interviews featuring representatives of humanitarian organizations, and in both cases, the guests made false or misleading statements accusing Israel of blocking aid to Gaza, with no pushback by the host. As a result, this broadcast, in our view, stood in violation of the CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices. A matter which we have conveyed directly to CBC in an official complaint that HonestReporting Canada has filed.


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