Carleton Student Newspaper Produces Three Anti-Israel Articles Within Two Weeks

Since Hamas’ genocidal terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7, much of the global discussion has centred on how a generation of young people can seemingly be radicalized and brainwashed to support fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime in their mission of death and destruction.

One key answer can be found in campus media, wherein the vast majority of reporting on the war against Hamas has been staunchly anti-Israel, and at times, even anti-Jewish. One such example of this one-sided reporting is Carleton University’s student newspaper, The Charlatan. In a recent two-week period, no fewer than three anti-Israel pieces have been featured, with inflammatory language like ‘apartheid’ and ‘war crimes’ taking top billing.

The first article, published March 29 by author Grace Huntley entitled: “Verses vs. Apartheid, highlighted an anti-Israel poetry night where the goal was ostensibly to “educate people why terms like ‘apartheid’ and ‘genocide’ are used to describe events in Israel and Palestine.” Of course, no mention was made of the fact that neither of these terms is actually applicable to the current conflict, instead uncritically accepting the assertions at face value.

The article went on to offer a promotion for Israel Apartheid Week (IAW), which had just concluded at the time of publication. IAW activities take place on campuses across North America during the last week of March, and are largely a product of activists within the BDS movement, itself a pseudo-intellectual movement ultimately aimed at the total dismantling and destruction of the Jewish State.

On April 12, another article uncritically supporting the BDS agenda appeared, written by author Elissa Mendes, whose biography describes her as “a first-year journalism and health science student with a keen interest in social justice.” The article highlighted a Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) motion to divest from companies or institutions engaged in “violations of international law” (thinly veiled code for ‘with ties to Israel’), an ironic move considering the main sponsor of this motion is Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

SJP is financially supported by American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), an organization linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, arguably some of the world’s most significant global violators of international law today. The fact that the campus newspaper would print such objectively problematic content without at least mentioning the bias of those calling for divestment is irresponsible at best, and makes them complicit in promoting anti-Israel propaganda at worst.

On the same day as the piece highlighting the CUSA motion, yet another article appeared, celebrating a “Voices for Palestine” fundraising show, written by Kyra Vellinga, the newspaper’s arts & culture editor. The article again unquestioningly cited the ongoing “genocide” of the Palestinian people, this time focusing on Palestinian children. Citing the UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini, the author framed it as “a war on children”, stating that “more than 12,300 children have died.” These numbers have recently, of course, been called into question, an important journalistic point that the Charlatan failed to disclose. Vellinga also failed to mention the Israeli children who were brutally slaughtered in their homes on October 7, those thousands currently displaced, or the children – the youngest of whom is only a year old – currently is still held hostage by Hamas terrorists. If there was genuine concern for the impact of the conflict on children, shouldn’t the Israeli children impacted be at least mentioned?

Tragically, many campus media outlets have shown themselves to have a very particular agenda, namely the dehumanization of Israelis. By only giving voice to one side (a side bent on twisting facts and reality to fit a dangerous false narrative), students today don’t have access to anything to counter the reality that anti-Israel activists are attempting to construct.

Campus media, like The Charlatan, are deeply complicit in forwarding the agenda of fundamentalist Islamic terror groups, whether they mean to be or not.


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