British Columbia Newspaper Gives Maximum Coverage To Miniscule Anti-Israel Protest

In an era where every protest and movement seems to capture headlines, a recent encampment at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus has thrust itself into the media reports, demanding the university’s divestment from what it labels as “Palestinian genocide.”

A May 13 Nanaimo News Bulletin story entitled: “Kelowna encampment calls on UBC to divest from ‘Palestinian genocide,” reported on the encampment.

According to the article, some 15 people were involved in an encampment on the UBC Okanagan Campus. Somehow a group smaller than a lunchtime lineup at Tim Horton’s is worthy of a story

They claim to align with a group called People’s University for Gaza at UBCO, who told the newspaper they believe Israel is committing a genocide against Palestinians.

The report noted how a group called UBC Professors for Palestine released a public letter to the university president May 10. It accused Israel of “mass murder” and of an “internationally recognized genocidal campaign against the Palestinians.” The author of the piece in fact mentioned the “ongoing genocide of Palestinians” – taking it as fact, unchallenged, and without presenting any counter-argument.

According to what authority, or benchmark, is the charge of genocide being confirmed and validated? If someone wants to defer to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) provisional ruling of “plausible genocide,” that too, is a falsehood because it doesn’t say that. Only the media, Hamas, and those who swallow its message, make that claim.

Why has no one asked why Hamas, which has built a network of tunnels rivaling the London subway system, has never given access to shelter innocent Gazans? In the same breath as the genocide charge, shouldn’t the students and supporters be outraged that Hamas is aiding and abetting the deaths of scores of Gazans?

According to United Nations (UN) numbers, some 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed by the Russians, in their recent invasion. Is that not the same number of innocent Gazan casualties that Hamas claims? Why aren’t there demonstrations, riots, and rallies all over the world?

Interestingly, the UN issued a report that noted: “The frequency and intensity of war crimes and crimes against humanity has only increased in recent months,” in addition to “brazen aerial bombings and indiscriminate shelling, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians including children. We have also seen increased executions of captured combatants and civilians and intentional burnings of homes and (three hundred) villages.”

It spoke of 700,000 displaced persons, and tens of thousands of dead civilians. But this was referring to Myanmar, three weeks before Oct. 7, 2023. Why has there never been a single encampment, or protest on a single street, anywhere. It’s only relevant, apparently, if it’s Jews.

Paraphrased by the reporter, People’s University for Gaza at UBCO wants the university to “reaffirm Palestinian’s right to resist.” As though to suggest at one point the university did “affirm” such a thing? And what, precisely, is this resistance – does it mean the slaughter of innocent children, the mowing down of music festival-goers, baking babies in ovens, kidnapping of children, and mass rape? It’d be a good question for the reporter to ask the group, for clarification purposes.

The activists told the Bulletin they didn’t want to reveal their identities, lest they receive public blowback or repercussions from law enforcement. Maybe that’s a hint there’s something fishy – why hide, if you’re not doing anything wrong?

The Bulletin has shown its blatant bias by referring to the disputed territories east of the Jordan River as “Occupied Territories of Palestine.” There is no such geographical place on earth, and this make-believe politicized toponym – particularly when it is capitalized, as though it was a proper name – shows a clear lack of objective reporting. Best to stay clear of these things, to avoid appearing like a propaganda organ.

Not a single quote from a critic of these encampments – someone from the Jewish community, the local Hillel, a local rabbi, a student unhappy with the protests – was provided to readers. Balance and objectivity is critical in journalism. If the story was flipped, and there was a protest against “Palestine”, surely this media outlet would give ample voice to those affected on the other side.

The May 13 report in the Nanaimo News Bulletin about an infinitesimally small demonstration at UBC Okanagan gave undeserved credibility to this fringe group, all while utterly ignoring any opposing voices.


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