Article In Simon Fraser University Student Newspaper Uncritically Accepts Hamas Propaganda As Truth & Claims Israel Carrying Out “Ethnic Cleansing” Of Palestinians

November 16, 2023

A recent article in The Peak, a student newspaper at Simon Fraser University, masqueraded as a news article but instead was a rambling anti-Israel screed, filled with overt falsehoods, cherry-picked sources and a near-total lack of journalistic standards.

The November 14 article by News Writer Eden Chipperfield, “Independent Jewish Voices group calls on minister of energy to support ceasefire in Gaza,” featured a blind devotion to parroting Hamas propaganda, including claims that Israel has carried out a “long, horrendous history of oppression and ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians.

Chipperfield writes uncritically that Israel has killed “over 9,000 people” in Gaza – a claim made by Hamas’ Gaza Ministry of Health, which is the only source of casualty data – but whitewashes Hamas terrorism, referring to it simply as an “Islamist militant group,” which on October 7 “launched an attack on Israel,” choosing not to tell readers the context of Hamas’ terrorist attack, namely the brutal torture, rape and murder of countless innocent Israeli civilians and the taking of hundreds of hostages.

Chipperfield’s article reports on a demonstration held on October 27 outside the offices of a Liberal cabinet minister, which was organized by members of Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a fringe anti-Israel group.

In the article, Chipperfield quotes Nick Gottlieb, an IJV member and protest organizer, as absurdly alleging that “we are in the early stages of what is shaping up to be one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed,” citing “Israeli government officials have called Palestinians ‘human animals’ and openly expressed their intent to remove Palestinians from Gaza, killing as many as necessary along the way.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s usage of the term “human animals” to describe Hamas terrorists after the group’s October 7 massacre in Israel hardly seems undeserved. Hamas terrorists gleefully recorded their torture and murder of Israeli civilians during their attack, and in one chilling voice recording, a Hamas terrorist excitedly told his parents that he had killed 10 Jews.

Yet Gottlieb seems offended on behalf of Hamas terrorists that they had to suffer the indignity of being offended, and nowhere in her article did Chipperfield quote Gottlieb as ever mentioning Hamas, a stunning omission given the group’s declaration of war against Israel, making it entirely responsible for the current conflict.

Chipperfield quotes Gottlieb in making the irresponsible allegation that “as Jews, we feel a particular responsibility to stop this genocide,” failing to ever provide readers with any context pointing out that according to no definition is Israel committing anything even remotely close to genocide.

Israel has taken extensive measures to minimize civilian casualties inside the Gaza Strip, including warning civilians to leave areas of heavy fighting, dropping leaflets and making mass phone calls. Hamas, meanwhile, uses its own people as human shields, operates a major terrorist centre underneath a Gaza City hospital, and has physically prevented civilians from fleeing to relative safety away from areas of heavy fighting.

Genocide is the mass extermination of a people, and while Israel is innocent of those charges, it is Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group, that has explicitly promised to commit genocide against Israel if it is successful. The group’s founding charter calls for the violent destruction of Israel, and in its place, the installation of a totalitarian Islamic state, and its leaders have made no secret of promising exactly that future.

Only days earlier, The Peak featured two anti-Israel hit pieces, one of which sought to rationalize Hamas’ violence in the context of alleged Israeli crimes, and another which denied Israel’s right to exist, claiming falsely that the Jewish State has occupied Palestinian land since 1948.

In this edition of The Peak, Chipperfield’s article gave fawning coverage to Gottlieb and his baseless anti-Israel talking points, all while effectively ignoring the culpability of Hamas, the terrorist group responsible suffering for Israelis and Palestinians alike.


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