Anti-Israel Protest Inside Newfoundland Campus Building Featuring “A Handful” Of Demonstrators Merits News Article And Two Video Reports From CBC News

July 10, 2024

CBC News’ non-stop coverage of the same tiny group of anti-Israel protesters in St. John’s, Newfoundland continues unabated.

In a July 8 article entitled: “Days after pro-Palestine protesters removed from MUN, they’re back,” Elizabeth Whitten and Alex Kennedy reported on a small anti-Israel protest at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in St. John’s.

The article was also accompanied by two separate video reports on the same incident.

As told in the article, a few days after a small group of anti-Israel protesters were escorted out of a university building after illegally occupying it, a few dozen protesters gathered outside a MUN building to protest, but hours later, “a handful” of the demonstrators were still remaining inside the university’s lobby.

Despite Whitten and Kennedy repeatedly referring to the protesters as “students” 10 times in their news article, their own video report shows many of the demonstrators were gray-haired, hardly the typical image of a youthful student protester.

Moreover, the scale of the protest – perhaps 50 people shown in a video out of nearly 250,000 people in the St. John’s metropolitan area – raises more questions about the newsworthiness of providing such extensive coverage for such a marginal group.

In one of the videos, one protester, Nicolas Keough, is shown spouting nonsensical claims against Israel, including comments such as Israel’s alleged “war crimes against Palestine” (sic).

Another protester, Devoney Ellis, was shown on camera making outlandish comments about campus police closing the doors to ensure that anti-Israel occupiers could not enter the building, saying that officers “were very aggressively slamming these doors and locking them,” adding it was “very intimidating to be in there,” despite moments later acknowledging that she and her group were attempting to illegally occupy a building in which they had no permission to be.

The July 8 reports represent the latest coverage from CBC News of the antics of anti-Israel campaigners in St. John’s. In recent weeks, the public broadcaster has produced repeated coverage of the fringe demonstrations, providing precious little context and critical perspective.

The CBC News coverage showing protest organizers attempting to frame themselves as selfless martyrs standing up for their cause, their complaints about “aggressively slamming” of doors to keep them out shows them not to be brave activists, but cowardly and opportunistic protesters, seeking publicity for the cause du jour, in this case, anti-Israel activism

Despite being separated by thousands of kilometres, the CBC News report is reminiscent of a

July 7 opinion column in The Toronto Star by columnist Faisal Kutty, who attempted to reframe the stunning defeat of anti-Israel occupiers at the University of Toronto, who surrendered in advance of a scheduled removal by police officers despite promising never to do so.

Coast-to-coast, the anti-Israel occupations, despite initially promising not to decamp until their demands were met, have surrendered without having anything to show for their efforts, except wall-to-wall sympathetic news coverage from Canada’s public broadcaster.


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