Andrew Mitrovica, Sheridan College Professor & Al Jazeera Columnist, Accuses Israel Of Controlling Canadian Government

Pity the students of Andrew Mitrovica.

Mitrovica, a columnist for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based propaganda news broadcaster, where he regularly contributes vile anti-Israel misinformation, also serves as a professor in the Faulty of Animation, Arts & Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, where he teaches young minds.

In his most recent screed for Al Jazeera, “Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benjamin Netanyahu and company,” published November 7, Mitrovica accuses the Canadian government of being “wholly owned subsidiaries of (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu and racist company,” and of “absolute subservience to Israel’s needs and genocidal designs.”

While much of Mitrovica’s rambling is largely incoherent, his point is clear: that Israel controls global governments, “save for humane Ireland and Scotland.”

Beyond Mitrovica’s liberal borrowing of classic antisemitic tropes of Jewish control of international governments, he writes that Israel is actively engaging in “the genocide of Palestinians,” a popular but ultimately fallacious claim.

Unsurprisingly, Mitrovica shares no evidence to buttress his allegation of genocide because it does not exist. Genocide, which is the mass extermination of a people, is not taking place by any standard at all, and in fact is a slap in the face to the millions of victims of genocide, including in Rwanda, who were murdered en masse simply because of their ethnic identity.

Israel has taken significant steps to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza, including putting Israeli troops in harm’s way on the ground (where scores have died fighting Hamas terrorists) rather than relying on an air campaign, to warning Gazans in advance before an air strike takes place.

Hamas, meanwhile, actively shows no respect for its own people in the slightest, placing terrorist infrastructure underneath hospitals, physically preventing civilians from fleeing areas of heavy fighting, and using civilians in Gaza as human shields, a Hamas practice which has been long documented.

Falsely accusing Israel of carrying out genocide in Gaza is not only ignorant of reality; it is a total inversion of the facts. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization which has the violent destruction of Israel – and the consequent mass genocide of the country’s Jews – as a central tenet of its foundational ideology.

Hamas’ ideology is reflected in more than just words; its October 7 massacre – the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust – intentionally targeted innocent civilians, many of whom were tortured and raped, and had their bodies desecrated by Hamas terrorists. Since then, senior Hamas leaders have proudly proclaimed their intention to completing more acts of mass murder against innocent Israelis, saying they will continue to do so until Israel is ultimately destroyed.

In his column, Mitrovica accuses Israel of carrying out “the wholesale destruction of Gaza,” choosing to say nothing about the hundreds of humanitarian aid trucks which have entered the coastal territory, or about the extent of Hamas’ terrorist operations inside the strip.

In fact, Mitrovica does not mention the word Hamas a single time, an indefensible omission given the Islamic terrorist group’s central role in the current war, and its overt declaration of war against Israel on October 7.

Mitrovica has long used his platform on Al Jazeera to disseminate ghoulish anti-Israel disinformation, including comparing Israeli soldiers to members of the mafia, describing them as being part of a “diseased, irredeemable army.”

Despite Sheridan College’s free speech policy, which prohibits the use of hate speech, the college has thus far refused to take any action against Mitrovica, claiming that his anti-Israel rants fall under that rubric.

Mitrovica, like all Canadians, has a right to express his views, no matter how unmoored they are from reality. But given Sheridan College’s prohibition of hate speech, will the school ever challenge Mitrovica’s hateful commentaries?

Make your voice heard by communicating your concerns about Professor Andrew Mitrovica’s hateful commentary directly to Sheridan College. Please send your considered comments to Dr. Janet Morrison, President and Vice Chancellor at:


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