CBC Manitoba Produces 23-Minute Segment For Anti-Israel Activist Attempting To Silence Critics Of Palestinian Propaganda By Labeling Them Racists

In a May 12 interview on CBC’s The Weekend Morning Show (Manitoba), host Nadia Kidwai spent nearly 23 uninterrupted minutes speaking with one of Canada’s most infamous anti-Israel activists, who attempted to frame criticism of Palestinian propaganda as tantamount to racism. In the segment entitled: “What is anti-Palestinian racism,” host Nadia Kidwai spoke with Dania […]

CBC Radio Show Guest Tells Interviewer: Israel Has Occupied Palestinians For 75 Years, Denying Israel’s Right to Exist, Host Fails To Challenge Offensive Comment

On September 22, Robyn Bresnahan, host of the Ottawa Morning radio show on CBC Radio One, featured Anton Abu Akleh as her guest. Abu Akleh is the brother of the deceased Al Jazeera news reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed while covering a gunfight between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian terrorists in the Palestinian city […]

Toronto Star Article Of “Palestine Film Festival” Quotes Anti-Israel Filmmaker Claiming Israel Is A “Settler Colonial” State

In an article in the September 27 edition of the Toronto Star entitled: “Toronto Palestine Film Festival: How a scrappy, student-led film fest evolved into a broad-ranging celebration of Palestinian culture,” author Richie Assaly introduced readers to the “Toronto Palestine Film Festival”, and a number of its films and filmmakers. One of the filmmakers introduced […]