Winnipeg’s Free Press Rightly Condemns Hamas Terrorism But Demands A Meaningless “Proportional” Retaliation From Israel

In its editorial on October 11 entitled “Responding to terror,” The Winnipeg Free Press laudably condemned the recent Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, writing that the group “more than deserves” the terrorist label given to it by the Canadian government, calling it “reprehensible.” The editorial continued by addressing those commentators who seek to justify or […]

Globe And Mail Editorial Gives A Powerful & Clear Defence of Israel

In the last few days, when there have been a barrage of instances of deplorable coverage of Hamas’ genocidal war against Israel, it is also important to recognize excellence. On October 10, The Globe & Mail published an opinion column by its editorial board entitled: “Canada must stand by Israel,” which was a statement of […]

Former Canadian Ambassador To Israel Pens Column Blaming “Occupation” For Hamas’ Murderous Rampage

Only three days after Hamas’ unprecedented terrorist assault on Israel that killed close to 1,000 Israelis, and with at least 100-150 innocent Israelis kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza, some commentators are already presenting a disturbing moral equivalence between Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamist terrorist organization responsible for unspeakable crimes against humanity, and Israel, the victim of […]