Guest On CBC Radio Program Repeatedly Blames Israel For Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Following Hamas’ unprecedented terrorist attack in southern Israel on October 7, learning the horrific details of what took place can be traumatic not just for survivors of the attack, but to anyone reading about them, or seeing images or videos. On the October 12 broadcast of the CBC Radio program, “The Early Edition,” host Stephen […]

CBC News Montreal Parrots Multiple Anti-Israel Talking Points, Including Moral Equivocation Between Israeli Victims & Hamas Terrorists

On October 8, CBC Montreal published an online news article which sought to give a local perspective on the Hamas terror war against Israel. The piece, “Jewish, Palestinian Montrealers anxiously follow developments in Hamas-Israel conflict,” interviewed a number of Montrealers, both Israeli and Palestinian, about their personal experiences and connections to the Middle East. But […]

Former CBC News Anchor & Current Journalism Instructor At TMU Blames Hamas Massacre Of Israeli Civilians On “75 Years Of Military Occupation.”

In the early morning hours of October 7, hundreds of Hamas terrorists entered sovereign Israeli territory, indiscriminately targeting innocent men, women and children for murder. Horrific videos posted by the Islamist terrorist group show their operatives barbarically attacking civilians whose only crime was being Jewish and living in Israel. But to one commentator, the act […]