CBC Manitoba Produces 23-Minute Segment For Anti-Israel Activist Attempting To Silence Critics Of Palestinian Propaganda By Labeling Them Racists

In a May 12 interview on CBC’s The Weekend Morning Show (Manitoba), host Nadia Kidwai spent nearly 23 uninterrupted minutes speaking with one of Canada’s most infamous anti-Israel activists, who attempted to frame criticism of Palestinian propaganda as tantamount to racism. In the segment entitled: “What is anti-Palestinian racism,” host Nadia Kidwai spoke with Dania […]

CBC News Montreal Parrots Multiple Anti-Israel Talking Points, Including Moral Equivocation Between Israeli Victims & Hamas Terrorists

On October 8, CBC Montreal published an online news article which sought to give a local perspective on the Hamas terror war against Israel. The piece, “Jewish, Palestinian Montrealers anxiously follow developments in Hamas-Israel conflict,” interviewed a number of Montrealers, both Israeli and Palestinian, about their personal experiences and connections to the Middle East. But […]