CP24 Whitewashes Mass-Murdering Palestinian Terrorist

Throughout the day on December 20, CP24 aired a report about how Palestinian prisoner Nasser Abu Hmeid died of lung cancer while in Israeli custody. Naturally, you might ask who Nasser Abu Hmeid was. According to CP24, Abu Hmeid was 50-years-old and his health had deteriorated. The report said only that Abu Hmeid was serving […]

CBC Radio Gives A Platform To Another Broadcast Of An Anti-Israel Film

The world is a vast space with more than eight billion inhabitants spread across more than 200 countries and living on six continents. But it seems that in some newsrooms and CBC News, the actions – real or imagined – of the tiny State of Israel are what should garner all the attention. In the […]

Students Apply Now: Become A Canadian Campus Media Watchdog For Israel

HonestReporting Canada and Hasbara Canada are proud to launch our Canadian Campus Media Program, empowering student leaders to combat anti-Israel media bias on university campuses from across the country. In the backdrop of how anti-Israel detractors have usurped the platforms of Canadian campus media and use campus news platforms to foment discord, inflame tensions, and […]