PETA Not Fooled by Hamas's Animal-Abuse Message

August 16, 2007

Cat1_2 First there was Farfur, a homicidal Hamas version of Mickey Mouse who taught kids how to hate Jews (see video here). In response to international scorn, Hamas TV producers killed off Farfur (in fact, they had him "killed" by "Zionists" on TV; see video here) and replaced him with Nahool, a bee. In addition to spouting off against the Israeli enemy (see video here), Nahool recently tortured cats on a Hamas TV children’s program (see video here). After Nahool the bee spent several minutes swinging the cats by their tails, the show’s host, a cherubic 11-year-old Hamas girl, instructed viewers not to copy Nahool’s bahavior because it is wrong to torture animals.

But the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don’t believe Hamas is really promoting an animal-friendly message.

"It’s shocking and sickening," said Martin Mersereau, manager of the domestic animal abuse division of U.S.-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). "Any lessons meant to be contained in this segment are almost certainly lost on most children, who are more likely to imitate people they see treating animals cruelly rather than understand this behavior is wrong," Read more here.


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