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Passionate Eye Features "Raised to be Heroes"

by Mike Fegelman

Tonight at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld, The Passionate Eye features the film "Raised to be Heroes" about Israeli refusniks declining to take participate in mandatory Israeli military service.Images

According to the CBC’s promo:

"They are willing to fight for their country and even die for their country, everywhere but in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Through accounts from the Israeli front lines, Raised to Be Heroes introduces the latest generation of Israeli soldiers who object to some of the military operations undertaken by their country.

After years of carrying out missions against the Palestinians, some Israeli soldiers now believe their country’s actions are inhumane. But in a country where military service is mandatory, these soldiers are confronted with a dilemma: obey orders and continue a cycle of aggression and revenge, or refuse to serve and risk backlash and condemnation from family, friends and society. Many of these "refusniks" have been sent to jail for their refusal to acquiesce.

There are more than 1,600 "refuseniks" in Israel and this number is growing. Many Israelis condemn them for failing their nation; however they stand by their principles in the hopes of ending Israel’s military action in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Through a series of emotional testimonials, Raised to Be Heroes documents a group of "refuseniks" as they recount the moment when they finally drew the line."

We will be monitoring the program for fairness and accuracy, let us know your thoughts of the film by emailing action@honestreporting.ca



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