Palestinian Terrorism Praised At Toronto Rally

On January 29, Toronto4Palestine, a self-proclaimed “grassroots movement amplifying oppressed voices through action in the GTA,” held an “emergency rally” at Toronto’s Dundas Square that saw participants praise Palestinian terrorism and call for Israel’s destruction.

The rally was held just two days after a Palestinian terrorist murdered 7 innocent Israelis outside a Jerusalem-area synagogue on Shabbat and International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Toronto4Palestine promoted the rally to its 4,255 Instagram followers as follows:

The rally, which served to “honour our martyrs” in Jenin, was a reference to an Israeli military raid on January 26 that thwarted an imminent, mass casualty terror attack, that the IDF prevented. In the course of what was meant to be an arrest raid of wanted terrorists, Palestinian terrorists shot at IDF soldiers and threw explosive devices. Acting in self defense, the IDF killed 7 terrorist gunmen. Islamic Jihad claimed that two of its men died in a shootout with the IDF, while four of the slain gunmen were claimed by Hamas, and another, from the so-called armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction.

Video and images from the Toronto rally show participants calling for Israel’s destruction, praising Palestinian terrorism and terrorists, and calling for an “Intifada.”

One female protester held a sign featuring a photo of Uday Al-Tamimi described as a “Legal Armed Resistance Fighter”:

Uday Al-Tamimi is a Palestinian terrorist who on October 8, 2022, murdered 18-year-old female Israeli soldier Sgt. Noa Lazar and wounded an Israeli security guard at the Shuafat checkpoint in northern Jerusalem, and ten days later wounded another Israeli security guard in Ma’ale Adumim, before being shot and killed by guards.

Throughout the rally, songs were played with lyrics like: “With blood and weapon our revolution will enlarge and get stronger” and “We won’t make peace, and we won’t compromise.”

A speaker at the rally said: “We represent this country, the so-called Canada, and we answered the call to action within 24 hours… We are committed to a free Palestine. We are committed to ultimate liberation. We are committed to ultimate liberation from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea Palestine will be free…”

Another speaker at the rally, Moe from Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), accused Israel of committing “massacres” and said: “We stand first and foremost with our people in the camps and affirm their right of the occupied to resist the colonizer by any means necessary  We have every right to resist our oppressors by any means necessary until we are free from the Zionist shackles of colonization and global imperialism. This is also in accordance with article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which states that the use of violence, force, and self-defense is a legitimate and legal response to military occupation.”


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Crowds chanted:

“Free, free Palestine, Intifada, Intifada, long live the Intifada.”

“From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea Palestine will be free.”

“Resistance is justified for people who are occupied.”

Make no mistake: These are not peaceful protests; When Pro-Palestinian protesters chant “From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, Palestine will be free…” what they are really calling for is the complete and total destruction of the State of Israel and the removal of the Jewish people from their indigenous homeland.


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