Palestinian Grad Rocket Explodes in Israel, Cdn. Media All But Ignore the Story

August 4, 2011

In what represents an escalation in the firing of longer range rockets, terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked Israel with a rocket in Kiryat Gat and south of Ashkelon Wednesday evening as missiles strikes increased. Air sirens were heard and residents rushed into shelters and safe areas to take cover. Twenty rocket and missile explosions were aimed at Israeli civilians in July, four times the number in the previous month. ABedouin woman was lightly wounded by shrapnel on Monday after a missile exploded near a Negev cemetery.

Sadly and with great disappointment, Canadian media outlets in both English and French all but ignored this story, with the exception (surprisingly) being CBC News Network which aired this 20-second report just minutes ago today: 

Of course, this report took the posture of an Israeli response to terror, and did not cover the actual attack itself and the devastating effects that terror has on Israelis.

The last fatality from these rocket attacks was a 16-year-old who was killed in April when terrorists fired a laser-guided rocket at a school bus, which a few minutes earlier had unloaded most of the children riding home.

Israel maintains a maritime embargo on Gaza to prevent arms smuggling, but smuggling tunnels operate freely from Egypt. The new provisional military government has largely lost control of the Sinai area, south of Gaza, to Bedouin tribes and terrorist-linked cells.


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