Palestinian Envoy Asked to Leave Ottawa After Controversial Tweet

October 18, 2011

As reported in the Globe and Mail today, The Palestinian envoy to Canada, Linda Sobeh Ali, has been told she’s not welcome in Ottawa after she tweeted a link to a video that the federal government deemed an offensive diatribe against Jews.

According to the Globe: "Now, Linda Sobeh Ali, the charg? d’affaires of the Palestinian delegation in Ottawa, is just one cut above persona non grata. The Canadian government called her in for a high-level dressing down, made a formal protest to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and has decided to “limit communication” with her until a replacement arrives."

Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), first sent Ms. Sobeh Ali’s video tweet to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s office, expressed that he was "shocked at the video" which had called for a war for the destruction of Zionism – the movement to establish a Jewish land – is a denial of Israel’s right to exist.

This is not the first outrageous act by this Palestinian official. Just a few weeks ago, HonestReporting Canada exposed comments that Sobeh Ali made on CBC Radio’s The Current’s where she claimed that Israel has been occupying territories since 1948, the year Israel declared its independence. In doing so, Ms. Sobeh Ali had essentially claimed that Israel has no right to exist. Comments for which she never apologized for and which went unchallenged by the CBC host.

Presently, Ms. Sobeh Ali’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are no longer active and it’s unknown at this point whether she has been recalled by the Palestinian Authority.

It’s fair to say at this point that this diplomat’s reputation as a credible interlocutor is severely tarnished to the point of no return.


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