Ottawa Sun Corrects Article Which Falsely Reported That 100,000 Palestinians Killed In Gaza

May 7, 2024

On May 4, Ottawa Sun reporter Marlo Glass wrote an article entitled “NO SIGNS OF TIRING: University of Ottawa encampment now home to dozens of tents”, which spoke of the growing encampment by pro-Palestinian ‘activists’ that has been set up at the University of Ottawa.

Within the article, Glass falsely stated that: “As reported by the Associated Press, the death toll in Gaza has risen to more than 34,500 people since Oct. 7, when Israel launched an offensive following a Hamas attack. About five per cent of the occupied territory’s population has been killed, and millions have been displaced in what the U.N. calls a humanitarian crisis.”

Beyond the numbers of casualties listed, which comes directly from the ‘Gaza Ministry of Health’ (AKA Hamas), and importantly, does not distinguish between civilians and combatants, or those killed by Israel or by errant Palestinian rockets, 5% of the population of Gaza is not 34,500.

According to the latest government data, the current population of the Gaza Strip is approximately 2 million people. 5% of the population being killed would mean that 100,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have died, which even drastically exceeds Hamas’ false and statistically impossible claims.

HRC lodged a complaint directly with the Ottawa Sun, asking that it take corrective action to set the record straight, and we are pleased to note that Sun editors amended its article and published a correction on May 7 which states:

We thank the Ottawa Sun for its cooperation and for taking corrective action.


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