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Ottawa Citizen: High Hopes for New Palestinian Daily

by Mike Fegelman

PtToday’s Ottawa Citizen editorial, The Palestinian Press,welcomes the creation of the first privately-owned, English-language, Palestinian daily newspaper, the Palestine Times:

"If this new publication is able to serve as a forum for Arab dissent and free inquiry, then it will help accelerate the creation of an independent and modern Palestinian state.

This is a big ‘if.’ There’s not much tradition of a free press in the Arab-Muslim world. Arab writers and intellectuals who challenge the status quo are jailed, harassed and murdered…

The editors of the Palestine Times should adopt the Israeli, that is, the western model.The Israeli media are fiercely critical of the Israeli government…. Meanwhile, the mainstream mass-circulation Arabic press in the Middle East typically panders to the powers that be (for instance, by carrying articles that deny the Holocaust or accuse Jews of drinking the blood of gentile children).

Let’s hope the Palestinian Times becomes not an organ of hate and intolerance, but a vehicle to promote democratization and self-criticism."

The newspaper’s Web site is still under construction, but it does include archived copies of the first few editiions. The new daily should not be confused with a different newspaper by the same name, published in England, which from a quick glance looked rather unpleasant to us.



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