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Ontario Teachers: "Anti-Israel Propagandists"?

by Mike Fegelman

Osstflogo Following the lead of CUPE Ontario and the Toronto Conference of the United Church, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) approved a request by two Toronto high school teachers to hold a union debate on whether to condemn "Israel’s treatment of Palestinians," to "create classroom materials on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," and to "support an international boycott of Israel."

In yesterday’s National Post, editorial cartoonist Gary Clement poked fun at the OSSTF, just as he did with CUPE Ontario in a May 31 cartoon.  See both cartoons below.



Similarly, a Calgary Herald staff editorial blasted the boycott:

?It is one thing to teach history and current events from a balanced perspective, leaving students to make up their own minds, but this is pure anti-Israel propaganda. Are these the same teachers who proudly crow about how schools teach critical thinking? There’s no critical thinking involved in cramming one-sided propaganda down students’ throats — that’s indoctrination, and it has no place in the classroom.?

Update: According to CFRA "The Toronto District of the OSSTF has rejected a motion calling on the union to condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians."



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