On AM640, HRC Sounds Alarm Bell on Holocaust Denial and Rise of Antisemitism & Anti-Israel Activism

October 21, 2021

On October 21, HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman did a feature-length interview with AM640 Host Greg Brady where we sounded the alarm bell on the rise of antisemitism and anti-Israel activism domestically and worldwide, while commenting on the dangers of Holocaust denial and distortion.

To listen to the 10-minute interview click below:


Our interview follows how on the October 8 broadcast of AM 640’s Toronto Today talk show, radio listeners were treated to a nearly 10 minute anti-Israel diatribe by controversial Toronto author Desmond Cole.

Cole, who recently attempted to abuse his position teaching about anti-Black racism for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) by spewing anti-Israel misinformation, was given an unfettered platform on this radio program to air his criticisms against Israel. You can read our critique here.

AM640 producers and host Greg Brady are deserving of your praise for publicly acknowledging the shortcomings of their interview with Desmond Cole, for being receptive to our concerns, and for bringing balance to the issues being discussed by welcoming HonestReporting Canada on its airwaves. This speaks very highly of the program’s professionalism and commitment to producing fair, accurate and balanced reporting of Israel and the Middle East.

We encourage HRC subscribers to email AM640 directly to convey your appreciation and thanks. Please send emails to: 640news@corusent.com,please also Tweet your thanks to @AM640 and @GregBradyTO.

To all of our subscribers who took action and voiced their concerns on this issue, thank you! As you see, your efforts do make a difference.


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