Ombudsman Concludes that Radio Canada Violated Journalistic Standards and Practices

November 30, 2011

The Ombudsman at Radio-Canada has concluded that Radio-Canada violated its own journalistic standards and practices regarding several reports, in response to complaints by CIJA’s David Ouellette. For example, a series of maps of Israel shown on an RDI program, 24 Heures en 60 Minutes, hosted by Anne-Marie Dussault reflected a distorted version of history suggesting, among other things, there was a Palestinian and Israeli state in existence in 1945. Another suggested that Israel built settlements on 59% of the West Bank when settlements comprise a mere 1.4%.

David Ouellette, on his blog, explains how Radio-Canada’s new ombudsman  concluded that the maps are "incorrect, confusing and incomplete" , that the sources were “not identified” and that the program has to “respect the principle of accuracy, one of the five values at the base of Journalistic Standards and Practices for Radio-Canada “.


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