Olympics of Hate: Antisemitism at the World Games: The Honest Report Podcast – Episode 19

July 29, 2021

After a yearlong delay, the 2020 Olympic Games have kicked off in Tokyo, Japan. And while the games strive for goals like international cooperation and striving for excellence, once again, they have been marred by the refusal of some athletes to compete against Israelis.

But despite these disgraceful acts on the part of some athletes, there have been shimmers of hope, too: athletes who are rejecting their country’s official hatred of Israel, and are instead taking a moral stand, and bringing peace just a little bit closer.

In this episode of the Honest Report podcast, we explore how Israel continues to face opposition in international sports competitions, all while the successors of the Munich massacre in 1972 continue to enjoy widespread international recognition, in sports and beyond.

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