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Occupied With Gaza

by Mike Fegelman

The Globe & Mail erroneously reports:

According to international law, Gaza, as part of the Palestinian Territories, is still under Israeli occupation. The Oslo accords define Territories as a single entity, which includes the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

International law isn’t so straightforward. Since Israel disengaged, the largest international presence in Gaza is the UN. And the estimated 700,000 Palestinians who spent 10 days crossing back and forth between Rafah and Sinai makes a mockery of the argument that Israeli control of Gaza’s borders makes it occupied.

While the G&M is correct that Oslo defines the West Bank and Gaza as a single entity, reporter Orly Halpern’s assertion doesn’t acknowledge that Hamas’ takeover of Gaza is what forced Israel to treat the Strip differently than the Abbas-ruled West Bank. Halpern’s in good company though. The UN’s perplexed too.

Hat-Tip: Media Backspin



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