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Occupied Territories? Which Ones?

by Mike Fegelman

In a commentary in The Charlottetown Guardian, professor of political science professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, Henry Srebrnik, observes: “What do most people think of when someone talks about “the Occupied Territories?” They assume the speaker means the West Bank of the Jordan, of course, which has been under Israeli control following a defensive war in 1967, though much of it is now internally governed by the Palestinian Authority. It shows us the power of the long-term attempt to de-legitimize Israel — because, in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, there are huge amounts of land occupied by various states or ethno-religious groups.”

Srebrnik does a brief survey of territories occupied from Europe to Canada to Asia to Africa and the Middle East and concludes: “So the next time someone refers, without further elaboration, to “the occupied territories,” you might wish to respond, “which ones?”.

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