No Comparison Between Israeli Hostages In Gaza & Palestinian Security Prisoners, HRC Rebuts Hill Times Op-Ed

It may seem like ancient history in the 24 hour news cycle, but there are still well over 100 Israeli hostages being kept in unimaginable conditions inside (or more likely, underneath Gaza).

They were kidnapped on October 7 by Hamas terrorists, innocent people whose only crime was being Jewish, among them Kfir Bibas, a baby who ‘celebrated’ his one year birthday as a Hamas hostage, a grotesque crime against humanity.

But in Frank Baylis’ March 14 column, he presents a false moral equivalence between Hamas’ crimes and Israel’s legal arrest of security prisoners, being held under administrative detention when he demands that “all Palestinians who are currently being held in Israeli jails under administrative detention should either be charged or released.”

As a former Member of Parliament, Baylis should know that Canada, the UK, the United States and others use administrative detention to prevent acts of terrorism. The process is entirely legal under international law, and is used to stop acts of Palestinian terrorism.

Comparing these Palestinian prisoners to Israeli hostages is not only factually inaccurate, it is morally obtuse.

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