Newspaper Column In Jasper, Alberta Tacitly Implies Israel Committing Holocaust In Gaza

In his March 28th opinion column in The Jasper Fitzhugh entitled: “Canada finally starts changing policy toward Israel-Gaza,” Peter Shokeir, the newspaper’s publisher and editor, commended the Trudeau government on its increasingly anti-Israel policies, but bemoaned its coming later than he would have liked. To make his case, he tacitly accused Israel of committing a Holocaust in Gaza, saying:

“One question often asked about the Holocaust was why the world didn’t do more to stop that untold horror from claiming six million lives.

I think we are all starting to realize the answer.

For nearly half a year, our boy king in Ottawa has been giving weapons to Israeli fascists who have slaughtered over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza so far.”

His willingness to see Israel as equivalent to Nazi Germany clearly shows his evident hostility to the facts.

It ought to be unnecessary to point out that the antisemitic intentions of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization, are identical to those of Nazi Germany. Both groups sought to carry out genocide against Jews.

The Hamas-Israel war is not one of Israel’s choosing. It was launched by Hamas terrorists on October 7 when thousands of them invaded southern Israel, murdering, raping, torturing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

That massacre – the largest mass killing of Jews since the Holocaust – was just the opening shot, according to Hamas leader Yahye Sinwar, who called it “just a rehearsal” for more murders.

Hamas’ charter similarly is clear about its vision for the future: the violent destruction of Israel and in its place, the establishment of an Islamic State-style caliphate.

In his use of Hamas’ unverified and untrustworthy “Gaza Health Ministry” figures to list deaths in Gaza, Shokeir errs again. Hamas figures do not differentiate between civilian and combatant deaths, nor between those killed by Israel or by Palestinian terrorists. As recently pointed out by statistician Abraham Wyner from the Wharton School of Business, lack of variation in the numbers of daily deaths reported indicate that the figures are extremely likely to be fabricated.

What is clear is that Hamas has no respect for the human life of Gazans. The terror group uses the very people it claims to represent as human shields.

Recently, Hamas terrorists hid in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, firing at Israeli forces from the emergency, maternity, and burns units, cowardly disregarding the risk to the patients and the damage to the hospital, but calculatedly allowing them to accuse Israel of harming patients. Shokeir dared to accuse Israel of genocide while Gaza’s elected terrorists behave in this way to their own populace.

Despite being the true victim in this war, Israel continues to behave humanely. In contrast to Shokeir’s allegations of famine, video images from Gazans’ social media accounts show markets with plenty of food. More food is entering Gaza now than before October 7.

There are also reports of Hamas terrorists taking the aid for their own purposes, denying civilians access. Hamas is responsible for the suffering on both sides. They could stop the war in its tracks by releasing the innocent Israeli hostages immediately, but it refuses to do so.

In calling on the Trudeau government to become stridently anti-Israel, Peter Shokeir is effectively demanding that Ottawa choose Hamas and its genocidal war against Israel. Such advocacy is only a recipe for more bloodshed and more conflict.

Take action now by condemning Peter Shokeir, the publisher and editor of The Jasper Fitzhugh, for tacitly accused Israel of committing a Holocaust in Gaza. Send letters by clicking here.


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