New Polls Show Canadians Supportive Of Israel’s Right To Defend Itself & Widely Recognize Hamas As A Terrorist Organization

November 9, 2023

A pair of newly released polls have shone light on Canadians’ views towards Israel, and in both cases, they show widespread Canadian support for Israel in its fight against Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organization.

On November 6, Aurora Strategy Global released the results of a survey it had commissioned in late October.

Among the findings, Aurora Strategy Global announced that a majority of Canadians – 60 percent – agreed that Israel should invade the Gaza Strip in order to remove the Hamas leadership, and a similar number of Canadians (57 percent) expressed concern over pro-Hamas rallies which have taken place.

Other results released by the pollster included that only 12 percent of respondents said that Israel was to blame for the current conflict, and that a vast majority – 75 percent – said Hamas unjustified in its attack on Israel.

Perhaps most importantly, a large majority of Canadians (71 percent) agreed that Iran should “be held accountable for the actions of Hamas against Israel.”

These results are not just a matter of interest or curiosity; they are demonstrable proof that, despite the loud protestations of anti-Israel demonstrators suggesting otherwise, the majority of Canadians understand that Hamas is a bloodthirsty terrorist organization, and that Israel, for all its faults, has a right and a responsibility to defend itself against that terrorism.

The next day, the Angus Reid Institute released data from its own survey.

Since Israel’s counter-terrorism efforts against Hamas in the wake of Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack, there have been widespread campaigns to pressure the Canadian government to add its voice demanding a ceasefire, but the Angus Reid Institute found that most Canadians are not in line with those demands.

The survey found that only 30 percent of Canadians agreed with the statement that “a full ceasefire should be called immediately.”

The Angus Reid Institute polling data found that Canadians are more than one-and-a-half times more likely to say that their sympathies lie with Israel rather than the Palestinians (28 percent versus 18 percent).

An overwhelming percentage of Canadians – 78 percent – agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “Israel has the right to exist and defend itself,” versus only 17 per cent who disagreed.

Similarly, 75 percent of Canadians either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “Hamas is a terrorist organization,” and only eight per cent of respondents said they disagreed.

Mainstreet Research found that the majority of Canadians support the release of Israeli hostages first and only then can there be a ceasefire. 80% of Canadians surveyed say that a ceasefire must start with the release of hostages. The same poll found that 76% of Canadians regard Hamas as a terrorist organization, ¾ of Canadians blame Hamas or Iran for the conflict, and a significant majority approve Canada’s position on supporting Israel.

These survey results from three mainstream and reputable pollsters demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that Canadians recognize Hamas for what it is, a brutal terrorist organization, and that they support not only Israel’s right to exist, but its right to defend itself.

These poll results are critical in helping to understand the true views of Canadians, particularly in contrast to the small minority of extremists who loudly protest otherwise, seeking to falsely suggest that Canadians are demanding a ceasefire, when they aren’t, and that they equivocate between Hamas and Israel, which they don’t.

Anti-Israel activists, as members of a democratic society, have the right to express their opinions. But as these two new polls show, they are part of a minority, not a majority, of Canadians, an important detail that must be recognized by the Canadian news media.


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