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National Posted on Israel's Security Fence

by Mike Fegelman

National Posted (the official blog of the National Post) featured 2 screeds commenting on Israel’s security fence and the rule of law, in wake of a High Court of Justice decision on Tuesday, which ordered the state to dismantle a 1.7 kilometre section of the fence that was built on "land belonging to a Palestinian village named Bili’in."  Here are choice quotes from the respective writers:

Yoni Goldstein: ?The West Bank security fence is saving lives in Israel and discouraging would-be Palestinian suicide bombers from blowing themselves up in public thoroughfares, at Jerusalem pizza shops and in night Tel Aviv night clubs. The fact that the rule of law and the importance of human rights have not been thrown aside in the name of the fence proves, once again, that Israel’s democratic ideals are alive and well.?

Brian Kalt: (law professor at Michigan State University) "What this ruling exemplifies about Israel is that it is imbued with the rule of law.?



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