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National Post Quiz: Are You a Liberal Anti-Semite

by Mike Fegelman

Nationalpost_1 Writing in the National Post, Joe Lanzmann (a pseudonym for a liberal Jew who fears retribution — though precisely from whom he’s not sure) offers a quiz to determine whether "you are a liberal anti-Semite."

Lanzmann writes:

"How can you tell if you’re a good liberal who simply thinks the West Bank settlements are bad policy — or a closet Judeophobe whose progressive views mask a serious attitude problem? Take this quiz and see."

Sample questions include:

2) Which group exerts too much influence on America’s Mideast policy?

a) Conservative jingoes
b) Not the Jews per se, but a "pro-Israel lobby" composed mainly of wealthy New York financiers (who may well all attend the same shul)
c) Arabists at the U.S. State Department

3) Which state’s offences against humanity bother you most?

a) Sudan
b) Israel
c) Massachusetts

5) Jimmy Carter’s use of the term "apartheid" in his new book is:

a) intended to provoke debate but clearly ill-considered
b) a gutsy, rare example of someone "speaking truth to power"
c) more of the same from the putz who put Andy Young at the UN
d) Child’s play compared with what Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has planned"

Take the quiz here.



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