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National Post Quietly Publishes Mohammed Cartoons

by Mike Fegelman

The National Post became the third Canadian media outlet to publish the notorious Mohammed cartoons.


Along with the Jewish Free Press and the now defunct Western Standard magazine, the Post featured a report on Wednesday from the Daily Telegraph noting that: "Heavily armed Danish police arrested three men yesterday alleged to have been planning to murder one of the cartoonists behind the controversial images of the Prophet Muhammad that caused uproar in the Islamic world."

The report featured a cartoon, originally published in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper featuring the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his head.

So far there has been no outrage, though two Post readers did spot the cartoon and commended the paper.

According to Philip Carl Salzman, professor of anthropology at McGill University in a letter to the editor printed in the post on Feb. 14: "Bravo to the National Post for publishing the once-again newsworthy Danish cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. Will there be an "explosion" of complaint? If so, too bad; this is what it is to live in a free society. For anyone who does not want to tolerate free speech and free press, there are plenty of other countries in which one can enjoy the absence of these freedoms."

Likewise a letter from Gerald Langlois stated: "What a pleasant surprise to open the Post today and see the famous cartoon of the prophet Muhammad on page two, complete with a bomb in his headgear. I gather the acolytes of the accused in the plot to kill the cartoonist will now be hot for your editorial board. Either that, or they will take the matter to the various human rights commissions across Canada and cow you into submission."



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