National Post & Postmedia Papers Correct False Reference To Temple Mount Being A “Muslim Site” After HRC Complaint

January 9, 2023

On January 5, the National Post published a Washington Post news article headlined: “Visit to Muslim site provokes backlash.”

The report was in regards to Israel’s national security minister, Itamar Ben Gvir’s, visit to a “sensitive holy site in Jerusalem,” as the lead paragraph described.

In truth, the Temple Mount compound is not exclusively a “Muslim site.” In fact, the site is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Importantly, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site and it is the location of the First Temple (built in 957 BC) and the Second Temple (built in 352 BC). Meanwhile, centuries later in 560 AD, Christians built the Church of St. Mary of Justinian and in 691 AD, Muslims built the Dome of the Rock on top of the Second Temple and in 705 AD, Muslims built the Al Aqsa Mosque on top of the Second Temple and Byzantine Church.

Accordingly, it was factually incorrect to call the site exclusively Muslim, when it’s revered as Judaism’s holiest site and is a Christian holy site. Meanwhile, the Al Aqsa compound, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, is Islam’s third holiest site. Islam considers the Masjid al-Haram (including the Kaaba), in Mecca and the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, in Medina; as its first and second holiest sites.

Unfortunately, this headline error was also stated in the following Postmedia newspapers that same day: Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Regina Leader Post, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, and London Free Press.

HonestReporting Canada brought this error to the attention of National Post editors who commendably issue the following corrective in the Post and in its Postmedia newspapers on January 7:

We thank the National Post and Postmedia for promptly correcting this error and for setting the record straight about how the Temple Mount is holy site for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.


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