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National Post Publishes HRC Rebuttal: Israeli Security Barrier Not A “De Facto Future Border”

by Mike Fegelman

UPDATE August 23, 2018: Credit to the National Post for publishing our commentary today which dispels the myth that the security barrier is meant to serve as a final border between Israel and a future Palestinian state:

















Contrary to Chris Knight’s review of the Film “Wall” in the National Post on August 17, the Israeli security barrier is meant to prevent Palestinian terrorism, it’s not and never was intended to be, a “de facto future border” between Israel and a future Palestinian state.

The anti-terrorist fence is a purely defensive measure to protect Israel’s citizens, Jews and Arabs alike, from suicide bombers and sniper attacks. The barrier is justified under international law and was created by Israel to protect its population from terror attacks emanating from the west bank which took the lives of over 1,100 Israelis. The value of the fence in saving lives is unmistakable: In 2002, the year before construction started, 457 Israelis were murdered; in 2009, eight Israelis were killed. In almost all cases, terrorists infiltrated Israel via the west bank. Since construction of the barrier began, the number of terrorist attacks has plummeted by more than 90%. Structurally, approximately 94% of the barrier is a chain-link fence, the remainder a concrete wall, built to prevent the sniper attacks that were frequent in selected areas.

Israel follows many countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and others too numerous to count who have exercised their sovereign right to erect a fence to protect its citizens.Canadian society has a high regard for human life and Israel, like Canada, has the responsibility to protect its citizens.



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