National Post Columnist Gives Acclaim to HRC

By Mike Fegelman

November 19, 2008

National Post columnist Barbara Kay picked up on our efforts to prompt Radio-Canada to air a new documentary after the French-language arm of the CBC featured a pro-Palestinian advocacy film.

Writing on National Posted:

  • "It was a small media watch group called HonestReporting Canada that picked up this lapse in journalistic ethics. It took patience and perseverance, but they were successful in extracting an acknowledgment that the host's introduction was poorly presented and taken out of context. Radio-Canada also committed to air additional "documentaries providing different perspectives on the situation in Israel and Gaza." The Director of Complaints for French Services admitted to complainants that the film was "clearly pro-Palestinian."
  • This looks like a coup for HonestReportingCanada, and a victory for the ideal of ethical journalism everywhere. Yet the result obtained – the promise to air a "pro-Israel" documentary – is not the point, and not what was asked for. What viewers should be getting is unbiased reportage period, not pro or anti anyone. Had HonestReportingCanada not been on the ball, Radio-Canada's viewing audience would only have been exposed to a pro-Palestinian perspective."

To read the full column online please click here.


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