MUST READ: The Political Battle Over The Occupation Narrative

July 23, 2012

MUST READ: The Weekly Standard contributor Dore Gold shows how the term “occupation” is wrongly applied to the territories, noting that the use of the term is part of a “rhetorical arsenal- along with other epithets, like ‘colonialist, apartheid state’- for waging political warfare against Israel”.

Says Gold: “All three cases of Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara, and the Kuril Islands are open and shut cases of foreign occupation under international law and yet in the diplomatic arena the term "occupation" is not formally applied to them. Ironically, in the case of the West Bank, where the Israeli presence is a far more complex legal issue, the term "occupation" has been uncritically applied, even by Israelis.

Thus the decision to use the term "occupation" appears to emanate as much from political considerations as it does from any legal analysis”.

To read the article, click here: The Weekly Standard


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