Muslims Against Hamas

January 4, 2013

Frontpage Magazine interviews Hisham, the Gazan founder of “Muslims Against Hamas”, an organization dedicated to creating awareness and “denouncing the crimes of the Hamas regime”. Asked about the goal of this group, Hisham stated: “  Since I live out of the reality of Gaza, I began to perceive a great misinformation and a lack of a deep understanding of the events regarding the Palestinian problem. The media are only interested in the conflict between Israel and Palestine; they ignore issues such as Hamas and Palestinian internal struggles”. According to Hisham, “The mechanism by which Hamas terrorizes the citizens of Gaza is relatively simple. It is based on the creation of external and internal enemies rarely real and most often fictitious. Repression of opponents, executions, torture are the most used means by the militants to keep the population under pressure.

In fact, the presence of a dangerous enemy keeps alive the fear of people who accept Hamas as a necessary evil and they do not rebel. However, many of the people of Gaza do not know that Hamas uses their fear with cynicism. Interrogations and trials of the enemies are very often false and designed for the intended purposes”.

Read the whole interview here.


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