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More Surprises at CBC Radio

by Mike Fegelman

R1528356080 Yesterday we reported how CBC radio’s the World This Hour included surprsing context in a report exposing the unrelenting Qassam attacks on Israel.  Host Marcia Williams told the often unheard story about how over 4,000 rockets have been fired at Sderot since 2001.

Today, the program delved into a story that most of the MSM has widely ignored.  The report discussed how Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center is treating casualties of Gaza’s civil war.

To listen to the full report click here or see the transcript below.

Williams: ?In an ironic twist, several Palestinians are being treated alongside injured Israelis in an Israeli hospital.  Medical facilities in Gaza are operating at full capacity.  The Red Crescent and Red Cross organized ambulances to take the Palestinians to Barzali hospital in Ashkelon.  Dr. Shimon Sharf says the ?situation is not a problem.?

Sharf: ?A wounded guy is a wounded guy, if he is wounded by gun shot wounds it?s the same gun shot wounds in everywhere.  We are physicians, we are bound to humanitarian aid so it?s not a problem at all, but politics is for other people to take care of.?

To commend the show for its contextualized and very revealing coverage please send emails here or call:
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