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More Jewish Conspiracies Exposed

by Mike Fegelman

The National Post’s Jonathan Kay comments on the latest Jewish conspiracy theory. Unlike others that have origins in the Arab world and broader Europe, this one came from South Korea.

According to Kay: "From following the Arab press, I’m well-versed in world Jewry’s various dastardly schemes —Jkaycartoon   spreading AIDS, inventing the Holocaust, plotting 9/11, etc. But this was a new one for me: According to a best-selling series of Asian comic books, U.S. Jews are conspiring to prevent Korean immigrants from living the American dream."

"The 12-book series, Meon Nara, Yiwoot Nara ("Distant Countries and Neighbouring Countries"), has sold more than 10 million copies in South Korea since 1987. The author of Meon Nara, a certain Rhie Won-bok, believes "the Jews are the invisible force that controls the U.S." In his comic, he argues that 9/11 was caused by Jewish domination of America; that the U.S. media "is the voice of the Jews;" that both Hollywood and Wall Street are Jewish- occupied territory; and that ambitious Korean-Americans are continually thwarted by "the fortress of the Jews."

Of course, let’s not forget about Hasan Bolkhari, a cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, who said that Tom and Jerry cartoons are Jewish propaganda.  See the video here:



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