Montreal Gazette Letter: Article on Gaza's Gourmet Treasures Had Political Aspect

April 10, 2013

In response to an Associated Press article on Gaza’s culinary traditions published in the Montreal Gazette, some readers such as Gazette letter-writer Jack Berkowicz, felt that the culinary landscape was mined with too many political references. See his letter below:

Re: “Gaza’s hidden gourmet treasures” (Weekend Life, April 6)

I am somewhat mystified by an that appeared in the Weekend Life section that purportedly reviews a cookbook on Gazan cooking.

I would assume that reviews of cookbooks should be apolitical. This article by The Associated Press seems to be anything but apolitical. Israel is mentioned approximately nine times with negative-biased questionable connotations. Such words and phrases such as blockade, border restriction, war over Israel’s creation, refugees uprooted, restrictions of farmers and fisherman and others are prominently featured.

The question I have is: Is this an article reviewing a cookbook, or is this an article about the Arab-Israeli conflict that was mistakenly placed in the Weekend Life Section? Perhaps it is the opening of a new front among the many that Israel faces daily from missiles to nuclear threats to boycotts of everything from academics to ladies’ shoes.

Jack Berkowicz


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