Montreal Gazette Issues Clarification after HRC Intervention

March 11, 2009

In an article entitled ?Israeli Apartheid Week spurs debate, not violence? published in the March 6th edition of the Montreal Gazette, reporter Irwin Block quotes Concordia University student Meg Leitold making the following erroneous statement:  ?Further, she said, Israeli Arabs do not serve in the military, as other Israelis do, and that can be used to deprive them of jobs where such service is a prerequisite.?

Ironically, this statement is contradicted in the very same edition of the Gazette in an op-ed by the Israeli Consul General for Quebec and Western provinces. According to Yarom Elron?s op-ed entitled ?The myth of ?Israeli apartheid??: ?In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israeli Arabs serve as ambassadors, while in the army many Arab senior officers have risen to the rank of general.?

Finally, as this Haaretz article confirms, Bedouin and Druze Arabs do in fact serve in the IDF. As this article reports, ?The number of Israeli Arab recruits to the IDF has increased dramatically in the first nine months of 2008.?

After HonestReporting Canada brought these facts to the attention of Montreal Gazette editors, the following clarification was issued in today?s edition of the paper:




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