Mississauga-Based Arabic-Language Newspaper Meshwar Publishes Antisemitic Cartoon Claiming Jews Control The Media

Meshwar Media, an Arabic-language publication based in Mississauga, Ontario, recently published an overtly anti-Jewish cartoon.

In is April 27 edition, under the headline “Zionist organizations finance loyalists who support Israel and fight those in solidarity with Palestine and those calling for an end to the Israeli aggression,” the newspaper created a portmanteau of Stars of David interspersed with the logos of prominent American broadcasting companies such as CBS, CNN, ABC, Times, NBC and more, and the faces of American Jewish businesspeople.

The message is as hateful as it is clear: that Jews control the media, a lie that was spread by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda apparatus more than 80 years ago, and which continues to be a favourite trope among far-right neo-Nazi groups today, among others. Such messages are not just relegated to the fringe; in 2022, American rapper Kanye West used his enormous social media presence to accuse the “Jewish media” and “Jewish Zionists” of various crimes.

This is hardly the first time that Meshwar Media has waded into overt Jew-hatred in its pages. In August 2023, the newspaper published a poem called “The Great Auction,” where its author praised terrorism against Israel, writing that “There in Gaza/and here, in Jenin/blood speaks/the bullet talks/retribution has come…”

The publication’s editor, Nazih Khatatba, has been a prominent disseminator of antisemitic hate. He has regularly posted anti-Jewish screeds on his personal Facebook page, accusing Jews of drinking Palestinian blood, a clear reference to medieval blood libels, has parroted the baseless conspiracy theory that Jews originated in Central Asia, and not the Middle East, has defended Hamas’ genocidal terrorism, saying “Hamas did not commit any terrorist acts,” and much more.

Khatatba has also posted comments on social media, tacitly justifying the rape of Israeli prisoners, writing “You may remember the person who was asked: If we enter Israel [as conquers], will we have sex with the Israeli women? [meaning, taking the Jewish women as sex slaves]. He replied to them: If you entered [Israel as conquers], come and have sex with me [meaning, conquering Israel is impossible]. People are trying to find him [meaning, to prove him wrong],” Khatatba wrote.

Khatatba has done more than simply defend Hamas terrorists as having done nothing wrong; he has explicitly praised their murderous massacre, writing that “the glorious resistance stands tall before a shaken enemy, achieving historic victories in breaching the apartheid wall and launching an attack that paralyzed the occupation.”

Six months before Hamas’ October 7 massacres, Khatatba posted on social media that all Israeli civilians are legitimate targets of Palestinian Islamic terrorism, writing that “there are no civilians in the Israeli society, everyone is a soldier.”

In addition to editing Meshwar Media, Khatatba was also a realtor with Remax, and following HonestReporting Canada’s alerts, the real estate company announced that he was no longer affiliated with them.

In 2022, HonestReporting Canada revealed that Meshwar Media had previously received $2,000 from the federal government as part of Ottawa’s Covid-19 relief payments to media outlets a year prior and and subsequent to our research and our meeting with the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, the Federal Government forced Meshwar to pay back the grant money it received in full.

This latest bile from Meshwar Media is only the latest in a long line of hateful content from the Mississauga-based Arabic publisher, and which demands condemnation.


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