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Mideast Politics Come Home to Canada

by Mike Fegelman

LiberalsAfter Canadian media reported his claim that Israel committed "state terrorism" in Lebanon and his call for Canada to remove Hezbollah from its list of terrorist organizations, Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj has resigned as his party’s associate foreign affairs critic.

Click below to see how some Canadian media covered this story.

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Meanwhile, Thomas Hubert, the Liberals’ youth leader in British Columbia, resigned his post after it was revealed that he made the following statements in the Comments sections of two Internet blogs:

"The Liberal Party is stronger without these violent Zionists in our party. I am glad for them to cease influencing our foreign policy so we are free to promote Canadian values of peace. It amazes me that this community is so absurdly selfish. The only issue that matters to them is the defence of a ‘state’ that survives on the blood of innocent people. Shameful." (See here.)

"One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. At one point, George Washington was considered a terrorist by the powers that be. History will remember Hezbollah as an organization that stood up to the most vile ‘nation’ in human history." (See here.)



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