Meet Mohammad Assadi, Ottawa Anti-Israel Activist & Promoter Of Hezbollah Terrorist Propaganda

HonestReporting Canada has previously alerted the public to the nefarious actions of noted anti-Israel activist Firas al-Najim, one of the country’s most prominent campaigners against the Jewish State, and our efforts helped to ensure that al-Najim was suspended from Twitter, as well as TikTok, two popular platforms where much of his hate was disseminated.

Al-Najim’s spreading of hateful antisemitism on social media was only a fraction of his activities targeting Israel and Jews. Al-Najim, founder of the group Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR), has publicly accosted shoppers at a Toronto-area Israeli store, verbally harassed Holocaust survivors, dressed up as an Orthodox Jew and infiltrated a Jewish event in order to aggressively confront attendees, and more.

Al-Najim has also targeted members of Canada’s Iranian diaspora who express their opposition to the Tehran regime. In 2022, according to police, he drove his car at “a high rate of speed” in the direction of anti-Iranian regime protesters, and when police attempted to apprehend him, he sped off. He was eventually arrested, and his vehicle was later found with bear spray, a baton, and an airsoft gun.

Al-Najim continues to receive assistance from supporters, who help his efforts in defaming Israel and intimidating members of Canada’s Jewish community.

In May, 2023, Mohammad Assadi, an Ottawa-based activist, created a GoFundMe fundraiser for al-Najim, encouraging followers to donate to a campaign to support al-Najim’s efforts to protest at Toronto’s Walk With Israel, where he has been a regular demonstrator, harassing attendees.

Assadi is seemingly not content to merely assist al-Najim with causing disruption at the Walk With Israel, but is also an active participant. At the walkathon, footage of Assadi shows him chanting: “Long live Hamas. Long Live Hezbollah. Down with Israel” at participants. He is also shown yelling “You are not Jewish. You are Zionists. You are killing women and children” as families walk by.


Assadi’s social media platforms feature images of support for Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite Islamist terrorist group, which has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians in the Middle East and South America, and which is listed as a terrorist entity in Canada.

A May 20, 2023 Facebook post from Assadi features Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and two days later, Assadi posted a photo to his Facebook account showing him protesting at the Walk With Israel event, featuring a baseball hat with the logo of the Iran’s IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

On social media, he has also shared images to his Facebook account of a drawing of an Iranian woman hoisting the Iranian flag while wearing a bandana with the Hezbollah logo.

That same day, he shared on social media that “The EVIL state of #Israel MUST GO,” along with “#FreePalestine.”

Given Assadi’s repeated stated support for the Hezbollah terrorist group, an organization that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, such pronouncements take on a tone decidedly more heinous than simply an expression of a political viewpoint.

Unsurprisingly, Assadi’s social media also features images of senior leaders in the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the late Ayatollah Khomeini and the country’s current ayatollah, Ali Khamenei.

Assadi has used his social media for more than just promoting the image of Hezbollah; he has also spread what we consider antisemitic disinformation about the Jewish community’s alleged control over the Canadian government.

In one post from May 27, 2023, Assadi wrote that “Our MPs (Members of Parliament) and prime minister keep on accepting funds from the Zionist lobby and keep on oppressing Canadians.” The claim that Jews control their governments is one of the oldest and most common of antisemitic tropes, and the term “Zionist” is often conveniently used as a shorthand for “Jewish.”

In the same post, Assadi accused Canada of supporting the “genocide/ethnic cleansing of #Palestine,” a nonsensical allegation which not only utterly ignores the rapid and continued increase in the Palestinian population, but is also a reprehensible assault on the memory of those who have suffered under real genocides and ethnic cleansing.

While Assadi’s Facebook profile has been disabled as of early August – though it is unclear whether he shut it down or whether it was closed by the platform – his online persona was only reflective of his real-life activities.

Assadi’s posts shine a light on the ideology of an individual who is a collaborator for one of Canada’s most well-known anti-Israel activists, who has shown little concern for public safety and who has eagerly sought to intimidate those whom he opposes.

While the anti-Israel actions of al-Najim and Assadi may go largely unreported by the news media, their activities at Toronto’s Walk With Israel only normalize aggressive anti-Israel behaviour, and Assadi’s conspicuous support for al-Najim and the CD4HR organization – combined with his stated support for a banned terrorist organization – make him worthy of concern.


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