West Bank

September 5, 2023: Success! Associated Press, The Toronto Star, CTV News & National Post Amend Headlines After Failing To Identify Dead Palestinian As A Terrorist Gunman

May 9, 2023: After HRC lodged a complaint with the Toronto Star for failing to properly label dead Palestinians as terrorists, The Toronto Star amended its post to acknowledge that the Palestinian fatalities were all “gunmen”.

September 2, 2022: A Toronto Star producer claimed that Israel has been occupying Ramallah for 75 years, since the Jewish State’s birth in 1948, which logically implies that Israel has no right to exist. At the same time, the Star’s report falsely claimed that a state of “Palestine” exists. After HRC filed a complaint, corrective action was taken by the Star.

CBC Radio: July 27, 2022: A clarification notice was added to an episode of the podcast Nothing is Foreign. The episode, which was published on May 20, 2022, mentions reports from Israeli media that the Israeli military was “not planning to investigate the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh.” Those reports specifically pertained to a criminal investigation.

August 4, 2022: Success! CBC Issues Statement Of Regret After Claiming Saudi Minister Said Israel “Murdered” Al Jazeera Journalist

May 31, 2022: HRC Prompts CTV To Correct False Claim That Palestinian Journalist Killed By Israeli Gunfire: “A clarification earlier this week. CTV News reported on a vigil here in Edmonton for a Palestinian journalist killed on the job. We reported that she was killed by Israeli forces, when in fact, it’s still in dispute as to who is responsible for her death. We sincerely regret this error.”

May 20, 2022: Success! Saltwire Deletes Letter Which Falsely Claimed Israel Withdrawing Jews From Hebron

May 19, 2022:  An op-ed published in the Toronto Star claimed that Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was “killed by an Israeli soldier… a sniper shot her in the neck… silenced by an Israeli sniper’s bullet.” However, it hasn’t been confirmed that IDF fire or a Palestinian terrorist’s bullet, killed the Palestinian journalist. The op-ed also wrongly claimed that Israel has killed 45 journalists since 2000.Following an HonestReporting Canada complaint, the Star corrected the op-ed and acknowledged that it’s wrong to definitively claim that Israeli soldiers killed this Palestinian journalist. The Star also removed the op-ed’s assigning responsibility of the deaths of 45 journalists to Israel, who were killed in crossfire or while on dangerous assignment.

May 16, 2022: HRC Prompts Hill Times Clarification After Reporter Falsely Claims Palestinian Journalist Killed By Israeli Gunfire.

May 13, 2022: PostMedia papers publish clarification after claiming Israel killed Al Jazeera journalist. Who killed Palestinian journalist unknown.

October 27, 2021: Globe and Mail Issues Correction After Falsely Claiming Israel Plans To Build 1300 New Settlements

October 1, 2021: HRC Prompts Toronto Star Clarification: IDF Killed 5 Palestinian Gunmen, Not Palestinians

March 29, 2021: Subsequent to our complaint to CBC News about its intentionally deleting the #Israel location from its headline and reporting in coverage of the recent Dead Sea Scrolls discovery in Israel proper, CBC has reinstated the Israel location reference.

January 11, 2021: HRC Prompts Globe Correction: Israel Isn’t Building “New West Bank Settlements”.

June 3, 2020: CBC Online: As Canada Condemns Israel, HRC Prompts CBC to Acknowledge Israel’s Claims to Judea and Samaria

February 1, 2020: HRC prompted the Globe and Mail to correct a map that erroneously claimed that the Palestinian Authority has full control of Area B of the west bank.

December 29, 2019: HRC Prompts Globe and Mail Correction: Israeli “Settlements” in West Bank Not Controlled By Palestinian Authority

November 22, 2019: “Globe and Mail Issues Correction After Claiming Israeli Town Part of “Palestinian Territory””

September 15, 2019: CBC issues correction after falsely claiming Israel is planning on annexing areas “from Palestine”

July 7, 2016: SUCCESS: HRC Prompts Washington Post & Toronto Star To Correct False Report: “A June 9 article by the Washington Post reporting that Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said he wants to annex more than half the West Bank stated incorrectly that Ariel also said he wants to remove the Palestinians living the West Bank’s Area C. The article had cited a Times of Israel interview with Ariel. The Times later issued a correction stating that Ariel did not call for the removal of Palestinians and said the mistake was a mistranslation.”

Globe and Mail: September 3, 2014: Following HRC’s intervention with the Globe and Mail, an online column by Israel-critic Gerald Caplan was amended to counter claims that Israel “occupies” Gaza and that “no Israeli government has ever stopped allowing Palestinian land to be appropriated for Israeli settlements.”

April 11, 2014: Globe and Mail: “A Friday Comment article on the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock incorrectly said at back the of number news section of settlers in the West Bank was just over 190,000 in 2010. In fact, that number, from the Israeli Statistical Year Book, refers to the number of settlers in 2000.”

August 28, 2013: HRC Prompts CTV News On-Air Apology: “On Monday’s newscast at this time, we reported on a clash between Israeli security forces and Palestinians at a refugee camp in Ramallah. In that report, we indicated that the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians were put on hold. To clarify, that information was based on a quote from a Palestinian official, but the U.S. State Department subsequently denied that the peace talks were cancelled. As well, we failed to clarify that according to the Israeli military, the Israeli security force had been attacked by hundreds of Palestinians who threw rocks, fire bombs and other items at the force before the Israelis fired on the Palestinians, and the report also erroneously was accompanied by an illustration of an Israeli and Lebanese flag, rather than an Israeli and Palestinian flag, so we apologize for any confusion this reporting may have caused.”

CBC Online: August 14, 2013: An HRC complaint sent to CBC editors prompts corrections to remedy the CBC’s erroneously reporting that Israel annexed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and its wrongly claiming that settlements are the “foremost” obstacle to Mideast peace.

CBC News Network: August 9, 2013: After receiving an HRC complaint, CBC News acknowledged it used “imprecise language” and failed to attribute a statement its anchor made which falsely claimed Israeli settlements constitute the “main sticking point” in Mideast peace talks.

Radio-Canada.ca: August 13, 2013: HRC prompts SRC.ca amendment: Israel did not annex the west bank.

CBC News Network: May 1, 2013: CBC Issues Correction for Wrongly Claiming Palestinians Haven’t Attacked Israeli Settlers in Past 2 Years.

CBC: April 17, 2013: CBC Issues On-Air Corrections: Israel Didn’t Kill Palestinian Protester

CBC Online, Dec 9, 2010: CBC removed a false statement claiming that Israel had “refused” a 90-day West Bank settlement freeze extension proposed by the US.

Globe & Mail: Sep 24, 2010: Globe and Mail editorial printed subsequent to HRC complaint used proper language to describe the 10-month moratorium on new settlement construction in the West Bank.

Canadian Press, June 26 2009: “Correction: The town of Bil’in is in fact located in the central West Bank, not the West Bank of the Gaza Strip.”

Globe and Mail, Sept 18 2008: Reporter writes ‘Palestinian West Bank’ which was revised to ‘Palestinian-populated West Bank.’ Correction issued.

Toronto Sun, July 15 2008: “A brief in the Canada Sunflashes column last Friday incorrectly described the town of Bilin as a Palestinian West Bank town. It is a Palestinian town located on the West Bank, as the original wire story reported.” Correction issued.

Globe and Mail, April 1 2008: Apology – A March 31st report detailed how Israel was going to remove 50 roadblocks in the West Bank to facilitate better movement for Palestinians. The report failed to mention that Israel insists that these roadblocks and checkpoints are necessary to curb security threats. Globe editors agreed that it would be prudent to include this information in the future, while noting that “I take it that our readers will realize what the purpose is, that it is implicit in a story about an often violent conflict. Surely they will not imagine that Israel is acting out of some unaccountable caprice? Though your point is not unreasonable.”

Globe and Mail, Sept 8 2007: “Ramallah is in the West Bank in the Palestinian territories. Due to an editing error, its location was inaccurately described in a story published Thursday.” Correction issued.

Globe and Mail, June 26 2006: “Bethlehem is in the West Bank. Incorrect information appeared in the placeline of a story on Saturday.” Correction issued.
Toronto Sun, June 26 2006: “An Eric Margolis column that appeared in Sunday’s Comment section referred to ‘Jewish-only road networks’ in the West Bank. A more accurate representation would be “road networks restricted to Israeli vehicles.” Correction issued.

Globe and Mail, July 14 2005, “The editing of a story in some editions of yesterday’s paper left unclear a description of a predawn raid in the West Bank. Israeli forces reoccupied the Palestinian town of Tulkarem in response to a suicide bombing in Israel. A Palestinian policeman was killed during the military action.” Correction issued.

CBC Around the World, July 21 2009, Report incorrectly stated 3,000 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank. Correction aired the next day, stating that 300,000 Israeli settlers live there