Security Barrier

  • Globe and Mail, April 1 2008: Apology – A March 31st report detailed how Israel was going to remove 50 roadblocks in the West Bank to facilitate better movement for Palestinians. The report failed to mention that Israel insists that these roadblocks and checkpoints are necessary to curb security threats. Globe editors agreed that it would be prudent to include this information in the future, while noting that “I take it that our readers will realize what the purpose is, that it is implicit in a story about an often violent conflict. Surely they will not imagine that Israel is acting out of some unaccountable caprice? Though your point is not unreasonable.”
  • CBC Saturday Report, March 6 2008: “It would have been useful if reporter Armstrong had expanded on the “fear” factors relating why Christian tourists have stopped coming to Bethlehem and the various factors by referencing the Hamas/Fatah conflict. I will note that the “tour” of the barrier was somewhat distracting. It is a basic tenet of television journalism that when one sets up a conflict between the eye and the ear, the eye wins. I found myself watching the footage, but realized that I hadn’t heard everything that Mr. Armstrong said so I went back and listened again—a privilege that few viewers would have. The report may have been deficient in some production values, and could have briefly expanded the reasons for the underlying fear among potential tourists.” According to CBC’s Ombudsman.
  • Toronto Star, June 15 2006: Op-ed erroneously claimed the separation barrier is ‘electric’. In fact, it is electronic. The Star has issued a new directive on describing the barrier by its staff.
  • CBC Saturday Report, April 24 2006: Reporter took ‘poetic license to make a parallel construction in his statement that ‘the barrier is meant to keep Palestinians in, but the people of Bethlehem are afraid that it will simply keep tourists out.’” Admission of error and reporter was reprimanded.
  • CBC The Passionate Eye, Nov 26 2005: “Documentary film “Checkpoint” broadcast on the “Passionate Eye” lacked information about Israel’s security concerns. After HRC complaint, CBC inserted two 30-second clips containing contextual information about Israel’s security apparatus into the re-broadcast of the documentary.” Correction issued.