Saskatoon Star Phoenix

  • September 29, 2011: Correction: "A headline on page C5 in Wednesday’s StarPhoenix contained incorrect information. It should have read: Israel ok’s 1,100 more housing units. The StarPhoenix regrets the error."
  • Apr 10 2008: Apology – "We really are sensitive to this issue but you do make a valid point about this photo vs. the Pope and the others. I’ve spoken to our news editor about being extra careful in this regard in the future to ensure that more context is included in photo captions.” According to a senior editor at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, after we complained that a photograph depicting a Palestinian car destroyed after an Israeli air strike, failed to indicate that the attack was aimed at Islamic Jihad terrorists fleeing after conducting a brazen attack at an Israeli petrol station that killed two Israelis near Gaza. Instead, the photo was presented alongside other innocuous images of orange groves, tulips, Jaguars, and the Pope.
  • Mar 11 2008: According to a senior editor at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix: “Thanks for your letter regarding the reference to the Hamas "activist" in the Reuters story carried in the Star Phoenix March 8. That is not our policy at The StarPhoenix but was an oversight on the part of a desker who should have known better. Our policy is to use "terrorist" when referring to "terrorist" groups like Hamas. I have sent a reminder to the party involved to watch for that in wire copy in the future."
  • Dec 28 2007: “Gaza border: In a Reuters story, which ran in Saturday’s SP, it suggested Israel controls the borders between Gaza and Egypt. In fact, Israel has no control of this border. The SP apologizes for the error.” Correction issued.