• Q107, Sep 21 2010: Q107 radio station removed a biased anti-Israel survey hosted on their website and publically apologized following 300+ HonestReporting Canada member complaints. On-air apology: “Got this last night, got a couple of emails and I just wanted to take a moment on this one because in this internet age in which we live in this stuff is very important and the last thing we’d like to do at Q107.com is give anyone the wrong idea, so I guess what had happened was there was a poll up on the Q107 website that contained some questions about some contentious issues including the Middle East and needless to say that’s not somewhere we traditionally want to go and I don’t mean literally, I mean figuratively, it’s a very complicated situation that involves all kinds of different religious and political beliefs and I guess something was posted on the website last night in the form of a question that offended a lot of people and Blair, the program director and our boss had sent this along and so I’m going to just quickly let you know what Blair had said because there are a lot of complaints and we would like to just clear it up. As he said, ‘on behalf of Q I must apologize for a survey that was recently posted on the website. This survey was located in a section of the site that is administered by a third party and it does not reflect or represent the opinions of Q107 what so ever. We are by no means passing the buck on this matter and we take it seriously. We’ll be discussing our future with this third party moving forward and this survey has been removed. So first of all thanks to everybody who sent in emails, you know voicing their complaints about this, it’s certainly understandable and our apologies, I mean, I didn’t know this thing was up there, but hey, this is our radio station and our names are on it so we’ve gotta take responsibility and we’ll do just that so, our apologies.”